So many times, I talk to people who think they understand what visualization is.  However, most of the time what they didn’t know was how deep you truley have to go with visualization to open up the power it can create.  Let me draw a picture for you of what I mean by having a vision of where you want to go.  I want you to relax your brain as you read this last part, and let your mind go off imagining what I describe…  this will show you how powerful visualization truly is…

You are sitting at your kitchen table reading a book.  You then realize you are hungry, so you look up, still holding your book upright and think to yourself what you want to eat.  You pause for a moment and then decide to go to the refrigerator to see what is inside.  You use your body to push your chair out as you slide your bookmark into your book and close it with both hands.  You set your book down on the table and proceed to walk over to the refrigerator.  You take your right hand up and grab onto the handle of the refrigerator, pull open the door and look around inside.  You see the milk and the ketchup alongside the butter and jelly.  You also see the left overs from last nights dinner sitting next to your juice.  Then you spot them.  Thats it, exactly what you are craving.  You pull open the drawer and wrap your hand around the small, oval shaped food.  As you pick it up you notice the color, a bright yellow as if the sun were shinning through the peal.  You take it over to the cutting board and grab your knife.  With one hand you grab the fruit and cut with the other hand into slices. The pieces fall to the counter as you put your knife down.  You pick up a slice and notice how juicy it looks, as you bring the fruit to your mouth you then take a big bite into the heart of the fruit.

Let me ask you this… do you know what you just took a bite of? What happened to your mouth as you visualized taking a bit into that lemon?  It’s absolutely amazing what can happen when you first visualize.

Orrin Woodward has taught many times the value of visuialization.  He uses the example of a basketball team they did a study on.  There were 3 teams researched, one that practiced as normal, one that never practiced, and one the didn’t practice physically but they visualized practice everyday.  When it came to game time, of course the team who did not practice at all was the worst team.  But, when the normal practice routine team, and the visualization team played, they had the same skill sets.  Both teams were very comparable.   Why is that? Orrin Woodward talks about the power of the elephant in your mind, please refer to his cd ‘The Ant and the Elephant’ from the LIFE site.  This cd talks about how we all have deep down in our minds a place where what we vision, what we picture in our minds, seems like real life.  His example on the cd is when you go see a sad movie, where the main character dies, the whole audience is in tears ‘NO! why did johnny have to die?! he was such a great guy! he doesn’t deseerve to die!” Yet in the previews before that movie was a trailor for his new movie coming out next month.  Even though we KNOW Johnny isn’t really dead, our minds think he is and we get emotional about it.

These are just a few examples of really grabbing onto the power of visualization. Now take that, and apply it to your everyday life.  If you can visualize where you want to go in life, or what you want, your brain will figure out how to get it.  This principle is taught more in depth throught the LIFE LLR subscription.  I highly recommend digging deeper into this princple and making it work for you, in your life.  It’s amazing what a little act, like visualizing your future everyday, can do to get you your dreams and goal.

What are you visualizing every day? anyone feel free to share what you do to visualize… I know some friends like to listen to meditaion music when they visualize, I know some like to sit in complete silence.  Or some visualize when they get up, or some just before bed.  When is your favorite time to connect with your elephant? I’d love to hear your stories!

God Bless everyone!

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