Do you appreciate the people around you? I mean honestly appreciate them. If you do, do you let them know?
The second chapter in ‘How to Win Friends and Influnce People’ by Dale Carnegie is about just that. He tells from Dr. Dewey, one of America’s most profound philosophers, the the deepest urge in human nature is ‘the desire to be important.’ He then lists off the 8 needs people want most, they are;
1. Health
2. Food
3. Sleep
4. Money
5. Life in the hereafter
6. Sexual gratification
7. Well-being of our children and
8. A feeling of importance.
Abraham Lincoln once said ‘everybody likes a compliment. ‘
I could go on and on about all the different references in the past and present that he uses in the book. But if you just look around you can see this world is starved for appreciation and the need to feel important. I know for me My love language is ‘words of affirmation’ as described in the book ‘The Five Love Languages’. I thrive on affirmig words. As not every one is this love language, in some way shape or form EVERYONE craves this feeling. If you can make it a point to express to eveyone you meet or pass at least one thing that you appreciate about them, you will make their day. When someone does that for me, my confidence increases, my shoulders feel lighter, my heart feels happier, I just all around feel better about myself and more wanting to help others. Can you imagin a world if everyone made a point to do this every chance they got? There would be less depression, less bullying, less low self esteem. All in all you would help a lot of people have a better life, because it would be a domino effect. Lets make a pack, or a vow, that we will help someone else have a better day by letting then know we truly appreciate them. Make sure it’s honest too. Not just flattery, a true sincere appreciation. I believe if we all can do this, you will see the effect not only in your life, but those around you. Your community, your city, your state, your country, and who knows… Maybe even the world.

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