It’s amazing to me how certain things in life can totally derail you from your ‘life’. For me, I was fortunate enough to expierience a string of these events in the past 5 months.
In February, the job I currently had wasn’t producing enough to keep me afloat. So when given a different opportunity that had the potential for more, naturally, I jumped at the chance. At first it was great! But then we were expieriencing a decline. We all kept saying it would get better as the weather cleared, or ‘it’s Tuesday, a slow day’, or any excuse to make us feel better. Unfortunatly it never turned around, and I kept going more and more into debt. It was to the point I had many creditors calling me and threatening to take me to collections and some even did. This weight caused a lot of stress in my life. Then to help me hit rock bottom, we found out my dad needed open heart surgery. Words noone wants to hear. Hence began the next obsticle. In May my whole family traveled down to the number 1 dr at the number 1 hospital for heart surgery. After what seemed like the longest day, my dad came out with flying colors! Then on top of that, I started my 7th season of teaching high school drumline. A few weeks after i brought my parents home from the hospital I came down with some infection… dizzy, temp, cough, inflammed and infected throat/toncils… Yup I was sick. The bad part? I still live with my parents. My dad, just undergoing major heart surgery where they cut open his whole chest, cannot get sick. Leave it to me to get my dad sick. Mom took him to urgent care where they immediatly ambulanced him to the hospital. There they told him he had a virus (from me) and had to stay a few days. He’s home now doing amazingly well 🙂
While being there for my family in their time of need, I also began a relationship with the man I will marry. I have been building not only my relationship with him, but his daughter, my future daughter. As I am completly in love with both of them it takes a lot of time to build any relationship. It doesn’t help that they live an hour away.
I have also not been as active in my leadership. It has been painful not going out there and helping people as i used to. But I know I will get back in the game soon. In the words of my man, ‘You’re too good to not do it’. I know with his support and the support of my team, anything is possible.
Without giving to much detail, you can see God has thrown a lot of obsticales in my path. He knows i can handle it, but its not easy. In talking with my best friend and life mentor Larry Allswede, Ive come to realize that it might not be God throwing these obsticales my way, but the devil trying to detur me from His grace. What I realize in these times is ‘I can do all things through Christ, who stregthens me.’ Phillipians 4:13. What this means to me is that alone, things in life and life itself will be tough. But WITH God, anything is possible.
So even though I feel like Ive been ripped out of my life, I know that God is walking with me, leading the way. He will help me get back to ‘normal’ or I should say balance.
I am really thankful and blessed to have such amazing family and TEAM members. When I have fallen, they step up and help in a time of need. Its great to have people in your life who are there for you no matter what. To lift you up when youre down. But the most important part, when you find yourself ‘at the bottom of the barrel’, or ‘between a rock and a hard place’ remember this, ask and He will be there. Let Him into your heart and He will guide you.

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