How I Raised Myself part 1

Hello every one! How was your Christmas and New Year? Mine was amazing! Definetly the best yet! God has blessed me with many amazing people in my life and I can’t wait for a great 2012!

One of the things I’ve learned through the LIFE principles is many people commit to starting, yet so few actually finish.  While mentoring with Holger Spiewak and Larry Allswede, I’ve seen this first hand.  I even found myself several times ‘slow down’ or even come to a halt for a while.  Thanks to the great system with TEAM, I have been able to keep myself from that statistic being known as a starter and not a finisher.  Although we are only humans, and we all make mistakes, it doesn’t matter that you make a committment.  Yes you DO have to make a committment.  It is vital in being successful.  But what matters more, is that you become a finisher, as Orrin Woodward calls it.  Here is my continued journey in being not only a starter, but a finisher in my goals.

‘How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling’ by Frank Bettger.

This is probably one of my favorite Top 5 books in the LIFE materials.  Many times when I recommend this book to someone, their immediate response is something like ‘I don’t want to sell’ or ‘Im already great at selling, I don’t need to read this’.   In my head a chuckel a little, but assure them there is a lot more to this book than what the title suggests.  You can take the information learned fro m this book into anything you do in life.  It basically teaches you how to deal with people, and helping them understand how you think.

So lets take a look at Part 1.  The chapters in this section are;

1. How one idea multiplied my income and happiness

2. This idea put me back into selling after I had quit

3. One thing I did that helped me destroy the biggest enemy I ever had to face

4. The only way I could get myself organized

In the first chapter Frank talks about how he was first a baseball player in Pennsylvania, where he was fired for not having enough enthusiasm.  Instead of taking that and ‘pouting’ like most 95%ers do, he chose to take that advice and grow.  He then became one of the most enthusiastic ball players.  how did he do this? This is probably one of my favorite lessons from this book.  Frank said to be enthusiastic you must first ACT enthusiastic.  He said even if you don’t feel like it, force yourself.  Enthusiasm is the highest paid quality on earth!  He said it is the rarest, yet most contagious.  Frank said, you will live a happier life when you learn how to be enthusiastic.

The second part talked about the act of action.  I love the quote he uses “you can’t hit them if you don’t swing at them’.  It reminds me of the quote Holger uses all the time from Wayne Gretsky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  I think this chapter is to the point- if you take no action, results wont happen.  The parallel of this to the TEAM is great, if you sit on your couch all day, your community will not grow! You have to get up and DO something!

In this next chapter, Frank talks about the subject I had the biggest challenge with, fear.  I was in constant fear of what others would think of me.  Frank teaches that the only way to overcome your fears, is to find the courage and self-confidence to do it anyways.  He recommended joining a public speaking course, which is absolutely my biggest fear!  Orrin’s friend Art Williams is famous for this quote, “You just do it”.

The final chapter we are going to discuss this week was about getting things done.  Setting your priorities and ‘checking them off your list’.  Frank teaches to actually take the time, to plan your schedule.  This was all new to me before TEAM.  I would just, do what came to my head.  Through the principles I learned reading this book and listening to my mentors, I learned that I had to schedule my priorities in order of importance.  If I did all the small things that didn’t matter much first, I found myself forgetting, or not getting to the items that were important to get done at that moment.

I had a blast reading these first chapters, but what I am more excited about it to hear your thoughts and what you learned from them! so type away and until next time… chapters 5-9.

Not sure what to respond with? How about answering this question; what was the biggest thing you took from this reading?

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One Response to How I Raised Myself part 1

  1. Keith McGuire says:

    I love Frank Bettgers book!! It is interesting that so many people are great at starting things but not at finishing. Im glad you put that Wayne Gretzgy quote up, that inspired me to go out and set some goals for this coming week.

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