Human Touch

The topic that came to my heart today to express to you all is human touch.  And I don’t mean physical touch, but the emotional touch that we all truly have on one another.

When you are first born you have that emotional connection with your mother, and father.  A bond that can never be broken.  You completely depend on them for your every need-your survival.  Over time that need transfers to yourself.  You become a more independent person; you take care of your every need.  But then one day, when you least expect it, your prince charming comes in and steals your heart away.  That bond is then formed between you and your husband.  A bond formed with God is unbreakable.  I, being a single lady, have always yearned for this bond.  It is very hard for me to remember that Gods timing is perfect and it will happen when it’s meant to.  But that doesn’t change the fact that every human being yearns for this bond.  Why is that? What is so special about this bond?

As a little girl, you day dream every day about your fairy tale ending.  You are a lonesome girl going along your merry way, then a knight in shining armor comes and fights off the bad guys and sweeps you off your feet, literally, and then you get your happily ever after. If only it were that simple, right? But what I see every day in ‘real life’ is what makes that bond so strong.  It’s all the experiences you and your spouse go through that make your relationship so strong.  Many times growing up I saw firsthand what a marriage under God meant.  My parents lived a Godly life and are still happily married today! You’re laughing? You say there is no such thing as happily married? Well I will just have to disagree with you on that one.  I know there are a ton of friends I know that have a happy marriage. Yes you are correct in thinking that there are a lot of broken marriages out there, unfortunately.  So many people have lost their hope in faith.  I strongly believe that if you put God at the center of your relationship, you can work through anything together.  Today so many people want the easy way out.  They think once a small struggle comes it’s time to leave, when in fact when you took your vows with God, you told Him you wanted to be with that person through anything ‘in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do we part”. Did we all forget what we said? Or is it that we have no integrity behind what we promise to our friends, our family, our spouse, ourselves, to God?

My post today is not meant to discuss the ridiculousness of the divorce rate and the lack of integrity in a marriage today, I simply wanted to make a point that a Godly marriage takes time, takes work, a lot of work, from BOTH sides! And when you do this, with God, you will form that special bond and have ‘your fairy tale ending’.  Your fairy tale ending doesn’t include a fight less life, where everything is peachy-keen.  No, when you struggle through life WITH your spouse and God, conquering all of life’s struggles with your best friend and God on your side, there is no stronger bond being formed.

For some reason, God has been putting examples of this in front of me.  Several times this past few weeks, I’ve had old ladies come into our store, and they get talking.  About any and every thing.  Well these few ladies always talked about their husband.  And they talked about them the way I hope to someday talk about my husband.  Then tears would come, and we’d share some tears and she told the story about how he had passed.  How their bond was so strong, she depended on him and him on her.  Now that he’s gone, she feels lost, like a piece of her is missing, and she can’t get it back.  Like half of her heart was stolen.  Not that I wish this empty pain on anyone! But you can tell they had a Godly marriage.  One that had their good and bad days, but had the love of each other and God in everything they conquered together.

Through all my mentoring with TEAM leaders Holger and Lindsey Spiewak, and Larry and Stacey Allswede, I know what kind of man I know God will lead me to, someday.  I know God has my heart, and knows my desires.  I have to learn patience until that magical day when my ‘knight in shining armor’ comes and sweeps me off my feet!

That emotional bond between a husband and wife is desired by all humans.  And when it is scared by hurt and painful encounters, it is hard to believe that that bond is true.  But with faith in God, I know he will lead us to our soul-mate, our best friend.  The one whom we are to rely on, with our everything.  There are many, many teachings about marriage in the bible and in the LIFE subscriptions. I strongly recommend checking them out and talking with a mentor who has a successful marriage, not someone who’s been through 5 divorces, messed up relationships, and just an unhappy person.  Find someone who isn’t perfect but is striving to be a person of God, and has a relationship that is built on a foundation lead by God.  You can’t go wrong when God is on your side.  I strongly believe that every great relationship that is forming that special bond, that emotional human touch that EVERY human longs for, starts by accepting God into that relationship.

When I teared up to that lady in my store, and to a man who told me he doesn’t even know how to write a check because his wife took care of that, my heart broke for these people.  For everyone who loses that person who they formed their bond with.  I know that someday I too will have that bond, and I can’t wait.

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