Who do you want to be?

I remember always hearing what do you want to be when you grow up? Implying that I have to be some-THING.  But what I realize now, is I don’t want to be something, I want to be some-ONE.  The better question would be WHO do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

I think that is a loaded question.  What do I mean? Well if you think about that, who you are is based off of your character and integrity.  It is based off of everything you do on a daily basis. Whether or not someone is looking, you choose WHO you are.  Many people, the ‘fake ones’ choose to be a person of great character when people are looking, and slum down to the lazy, selfish person while at home, where ‘no one is watching’.   One of the 8 areas in our lives is following, leaving a legacy.  What legacy are you leaving behind for your kids to follow when you teach them to be a completely different person when no one is watching?  To teach them that it doesn’t REALLY matter to be a person of integrity because once everyone leaves, your integrity goes out the window.  Why not commit to becoming a person of integrity on AND off the field?  Why not choose to have integrity in ALL aspects of your life? 

When first introduced to the TEAM leadership, I always thought, sure, on stage they sound like great people, always talking about helping others, and living a life of excellence in all areas of their lives.  But surely at home they’re different.  Surely at home they can’t possibly be thinking like this all the time.  They must have some ‘worm holes’.  Well one thing I’ve found with the leaders of TEAM, is I’ve personally been to and hung out with many of the top leaders of the TEAM.  And I can tell you from experience, they live their lives with integrity all the time.  The person you see on stage IS the person at home.  They treat their whole lives with the excellence they teach from stage. 

I don’t know about you, but I know WHO I want to be when I grow up is just that.  A person who is not two-faced, telling people how to live their life with integrity and excellence, while I live the complete opposite life, relying on everyone else to do everything.  I want to live a life full of excellence in ALL area of my life whether people are looking or not.  I know when I do someday find my soul-mate and start a family; I don’t want my kids to look down on me knowing their mom lives two separate lives.  I want them to be proud of the person I am, and want to grow up to learn from me.   To become their own person of integrity they choose to model after.  If I can’t teach them that, their own mother, then who would they trust to teach them about having a meaningful life?  It is my duty as a mother to guide my children to become the best they can be.  One person at a time we can make a difference, and starting with me is my first step.  If I can become a woman of integrity all the time, leading a life of excellence all the time, then I know that I can also lead many people, and inspire them to do the same.  Can you imagine a world of people who chose themselves to become a better person? Can you imagine a world of people who chose to have integrity not only in the outside world, but at home too? I can.  I know that together, all striving for a common purpose, we can make a difference, one person at a time.

So I ask you this, my readers, who I greatly appreciate, what is it worth to you? To live a life of excellence and integrity?  Wholly, not half heartedly, but with your all?

I ask you, WHO do you want to be?

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One Response to Who do you want to be?

  1. WOW!!!

    Beth this is amazing!!! I tell ya what, this really made me think on my own life and what I do personally compared to what the outside world sees, and if I’m not careful, I can let a whole evening slip by and not accomplish ONE thing I needed to. I’m glad that the soul can be schooled and that Character can be built, even if one doesn’t have any. How do I know that? My character was pretty much worthless before I joined the Team (definitely not proud of that…)

    Thanks for being such an awesome leading lady and a northern star. This is what your legacy will become if you persist in your personal growth!

    Proud of you!

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