My first post!!!

I want to welcome everyone to my very first blog! I appreciate your time spent with me. I will post different ideas and nuggets I think will help people to better their lives. I hope the words I’ll share will impact someones life each time.

Throughout this journey I hope to share thoughts dealing with 8 areas of our lives. These areas include Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, Following and Freedom. I like to wrap these areas around an acronym called LIFE, Living Intention For Excellence. Who do you know that would love to live intentionally for excellence? Who would love to get a better life in any one of the 8 F’s? A friend? An aunt? Uncle? Sister? Brother? Mother? Father? Spouse? Child? Or how about even yourself? What would it be worth to not only help yourself have a better LIFE, but also to help a loved one have a better LIFE? These posts are designed to give a little bit more to the hungry eye, a little bit more to the person who is looking to produce a better LIFE for everyone around them.

Keep tuned in weekly and comment your thoughts and questions on my posts, I welcome others thoughts and ideas as thats what makes us stronger! Together Everyone Achieves More!

Thanks again and I look forward to starting a great relationship with my readers! Today’s The Day!!!

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4 Responses to My first post!!!

  1. Beth love your heart! You’re an incredible leading lady who has so much to offer this world! Love ya!

  2. Get Post Beth! I love your strength! It’s not easy to admit that we have areas in our lives that we would like to get a better handle over, but with your invite and encouragement to improvement in those 8 F’s, you will truly make a difference!

    Keep up the great work in all that you do. Thanks for being such a great example!

    Today’s The day!!!

  3. Russell Allswede says:

    You are an inspiration Beth! Very nice blog!

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